Curriculum Vitae


A position within a dynamic organisation that improves the customer experience through strategic planning, program implementation, system development and behavioural change management



Pitney Bowes Business Insight, Windsor England
Executive VOC Program Manager
Customer Advocate EMEA
Business Operations Manager EMEA
Business Analyst EMEA and Sales Administration Manager
CRM Systems Analyst EMEA
Business Analyst EMEA


  • Chair and facilitate monthly meetings with Europe, Middle-East & Africa (EMEA) executive leadership team regarding overall and detailed health of the business (HOB) for entire region
  • Co-ordinate regional activities from HOB scorecards and meetings
  • Program implementation for Voice of the Customer Initiative (VOC) globally by developing strategy, implementing plans and influencing behavior change to improve customer relationships
  • Implementation of Customer Office (CO) function within European business, servicing customer related issues and apply levels of service to improve daily customer experience
  • Facilitate implementation of partner program to alliances teams and partners across Europe and Middle-East including project management, coordination of strategy, content management and training to regional teams, improving overall partner relationship
  • Due diligence team member to investigate potential acquisitions in UK and France
  • Implementation of global sales methodologies across EMEA, enabling sales with best practice
  • Implementation and training of customer relationship management (CRM) application across EMEA, requiring training asset management across local offices in Europe and Middle East.
  • Implementation of the PeopleSoft CRM application including development, staff training and program management across local offices in EMEA.
  • Strategic planning, development, resource hiring, asset management and general management of sales administration function supporting sales efforts across EMEA
  • Project planning, resource management, system development and report development taken to successfully complete conversion of eb2 German financial system from Deutsche Mark to Euro currency by 2002 deadline set by European Union
  • Project management, system development and implementation of Electronic Distribution Interchange between PBBI order fulfillment systems and 3rd party fulfillment facility for daily production of orders
  • Planning and Implementation of security hierarchy within German and UK financial system
  • Development and implementation of lotus notes project database within General and Administration EMEA
  • Report development for EMEA functions including financial reports/statements, revenue forecasting, marketing lead management, operational metrics and customer-facing documentation
  • Provide technical and business support and analysis to various functions around the use and strategy of application tools for the company and impact to market
  • Lead business process redesign and change management through program activities from HOB, VOC, CO and systems implementations

Avanti Customer Service, Surrey England
2000 - 2001


American Express, Brighton (Functional Process Design)
Thomas Cook, Peterborough (Business Analysis)
American Express, London (Business Analysis)
Avanti Information Management Ltd, London (Systems Analysis)

  • Consulting assignments at the client sites for American Express and Thomas Cook
  • Design and deliver process mappings and documentation to support implementation of project.
  • Create User Acceptance Test Approach and Detailed plans for testing quality level of product/service.
  • Co-ordinate project work between technical developers (programmers etc.) and business users to manage and minimise Risks/Issues to project plan
  • Maintain development deadlines based on overall project schedule
  • Analysis of Privilege Customer Database including relational data modeling, normalisation checks, Data specifications
  • Management of Corporate Loyalty Program Customer database for volume and integrity maintenance, connectivity facilitation and reporting specifications
  • Provide normalised data model, data requirements and specifications for future system implementation
  • Web interface design, analysis for modules and processes of Avanti prototype software
  • Liaise with India-base programmers on web module development

Stolt Sea Farm Inc., Oslo Norway
Group Project Manager
Business Systems Manager, Americas
Business Systems Analyst, Americas


  • Direct reporting to executive board regarding group and Americas status reports, strategic planning and resource allocation
  • Frequent travel and long-term work across United States, Canada, Norway, Singapore and Japan
  • Responsible for all resources/assets in the development and implementation of global systems throughout SSF developing policies, procedures and programs to meet evolving business plans
  • Auditing of business processes for Americas, Asia Pacific, Norway, Iberia and Scotland secure plans for systems and process redesign aligned to global model
  • Responsibility for Americas IT budget exceeding $500,000 USD
  • Institute national vendor program for asset leasing and outright buying which increased support, optimized operations and reduced capital expenditures
  • Responsible for infrastructure and telecommunications for North and South America locations
  • Develop infrastructure, administration and support protocols of North American Frame Relay Communications Network encompassing regional offices
  • Utilize internet technology to implement internal and external communications program increasing efficiencies between time zones and reducing long distance calls
  • Management of permanent and contract workers from programmers, technical to business systems analysts and managers
  • Implement employee training program for software applications throughout Regional offices and professional certification courses for IT staff
  • Project lead for systems globalization and Y2K compliance through modifications on functionality, modules, connectivity, reports and documentation
  • Projectmanagement,development and implementation fort the following systems:
    • Sales & Distribution (USA,CAN, NOR, JPN, SPG)
    • Inventory Management (USA, CAN)
    • Japanese Invoicing (JPN)
    • EIS Reporting (USA, CAN, CHI)
    • Production Cost Analysis (CAN)
  • Assist in deploying internet website products and services marketing

Club Monaco International, Toronto Canada
1993 - 1995

Head Office Systems Analyst

  • Design, development, implementation and maintenance of the following:
    • Club Monaco Fashion System© (CMFS)
    • Club Monaco Inventory System (CMIS)
    • Club Monaco Help System (CMHS)
  • Responsible for the integration of CMFS, CMIS, CMHS and CMPOSS systems to create heterogeneous CM environment
  • Corporate strategy advisor on information analysis, in-house development and new technologies
  • Operational and technical support for Club Monaco Payroll, Club Monaco Point-of-Sale system (CMPOSS), STS retail merchandise system and systems stated previously
  • Network Administrator for local and corporate wide area network
  • Responsible for computer hardware and software purchasing

Ontario Hydro, Toronto Canada
1990 - 1993

Market Statistics Support

  • Project management, software programming and implementation of the Direct Customers and SIC/SRC reporting systems within market statistics function
  • Member of project team for platform migration of the Canadata reporting system
  • Provide technical support to statistical staff members regarding hardware installation, software development and operations
  • Perform system and database administration across mini-system and PC platforms
  • Analysis and publication of statistical reports including:
    • Customer Profile of CES Field Offices
    • Revenue and Use of Power
    • Directs by SIC
    • Summary of Primary Electricity Sales
    • SIC/SRC reports
    • Ad-hoc reports
  • Validation of SIC/SRC reporting and Market Data System information


University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada
May 1992 Bachelor Degree in Mathematics

Denis O'Connor Catholic High School, Ajax Canada
Sep 1986 OSS Honours Graduate Diploma
Received Frank Shine Award for outstanding achievement in Computer Science

Activities and Interests