23 MAR 2020 COVID-19 forces national lockdown
23 FEB 2020 Jo and Mel spend some time in Australia & Singapore for a dancing holiday
14 NOV 2019 Family saddened by sudden loss of sister
08 AUG 2013 Carter and Victoria come to visit Jo and Mel in London and Athens
26 JUL 2012 Family saddened by loss of grandfather
01 JAN 2012 Mel leaves Pitney Bowes in time for life changes
08 AUG 2010 Taylor and Jay come to visit Jo and Mel in London and Rome
02 FEB 2009 Mel launches Pilot Program for balboa dancing
22 AUG 2008 Mitchell and mother come to visit Jo and Mel in London and Paris
26 JUL 2007 Lovely holiday in Greece relaxes Jo and Mel
10 NOV 2006 Family saddened with loss of loved relative
26 MAY 2005 Hop The Castle goes Wild with the West.
20 JUN 2004 Death-defying accident in East London dance battle leaves Mel hospitalised for 2 days
26 JUL 2003 Mel weds Jo Wilkinson in beautiful countryside wedding
26 JUL 2001 Mel moves to new company for better opportunities
30 MAY 2000 New appointment in consultancy company gives Mel new insight to UK Business
16 MAY 2000 Mel moves to England, UK to start new adventures
30 AUG 1999 Visit to London, England proves fruitful for Mel and Jo
16 JUL 1999 Bratislava, Slovak Republic gives perfect setting for Ballman wedding weekend
18 JAN 1999 Stolt Sea Farm stations Mel in Singapore for 6 months work
21 JAN 1998 Stolt Sea Farm stations Mel in Tokyo Japan for 12 months
01 SEP 1995 Mel joins Stolt Sea Farm in new analyst position
01 SEP 1993 Mel takes on systems analsyt role with Club Monaco
23 MAR 1992 Mel graduates from the Univerity of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Mathematics
01 SEP 1990 Mel joins Ontario Hydro Market Statistics group for analytic and systems role
23 FEB 1990 Family saddened by loss of brother
23 JUN 1986 Mel graduates from Denis O'Connor CHS and receives admission to University of Waterloo